“The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it!” 

― Ansel Adams

My ambition is to follow in the footsteps of great photographers of the past, while making use of modern technology to portray the world in its unique and wonderful ways. Whether it is photographing magnificent buildings, ever-changing valleys or the wonders of nature, I am always amazed at the feeling you get when you have captured an image which is truly personal and unique.




Photography has become a true passion for me in the last 6 years, ever since I borrowed my brother's small mirrorless camera and discovered the possibilities  of taking and editing images on a different level. Since then I have never looked back, I have been taking photographs of everything around me while reading, watching and learning everything I could find on the art of digital photography. Of course, this is the beginning of my journey through the immense knowledge that can be acquired on the subject, and I still have a great deal to learn.  Thankfully, the photography community is one for sharing knowledge, whether it is technical information, tips on capturing the best images, or inspirational journeys of talented photographers. Therefore, by studying hard and aspiring to reach excellence, hopefully I can bring something new and different to the art of photography.


Before picking up a camera and deciding to pursue a career in photography however, I was fascinated by the arts of sound and music. From the age of 16, I began producing electronic music on an amateur level, and by the age of 22 had released a few EPs and become the co-manager of a small online record label based in Athens, Greece. During the same period I attended university in the U.K. and acquired a BA in Music Management, Branding & Promotion from Buckinghamshire University and an MBM Master's in Business Management from the University of Sunderland. My academic career continued when I returned to Greece where I attended the SAE Technology Group of Athens, acquiring a degree in Sound Engineering while also taking lessons in music composition and piano. My fascination for sound and music has not withered, however photography has taken over the reigns as my great passion, even though it is the only one I haven't studied formally. After working in sales and marketing in the electronics and naval industries for 3 years, I decided to make my passion into a career and pursue photography professionally.